Almost Here!

The Night of Gaming is now a week away, Folks. a couple of things have been finalized.

The games Super Smash Bros. 4 & Rocket League will be available to play. A LAN network will be set up, and patrons are more than welcome to bring their computer or console and a small TV to set up.

Tournaments will be free to enter and small prizes will be given to the winners. Depending on the turnout, the we can have tournaments on just about any game you can bring if there is enough players. So bring your friends!

We will also be having the theatre set up to stream your favorite games and have you play them live! If you want a chance to stream, now is your chance! See if the internet likes you can your personality!

Tickets will be available to purchase at the door, or you can get your ticket online here.

10 AM to 10 PM. You will be allowed to leave and return as needed, and you are welcome to bring in food to eat during this long event.

Also, who wants a free ticket? If take a pic of your favorite game, and use the hashtag #nightofgaming on Twitter and Instagram, and on the day of you could get in free!

Be sure to donate by clicking on the Child’s Play logo, and as always, have a great day!



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